My First Published Story

Always wanted to know what happens when a group of authors meet at a lesfic conference and their creative juices start flowing? Find out with this eclectic collection of short stories from new and established authors alike. We’re sure you’ll be delighted by the fresh voices we’ve discovered for your reading pleasure, and no doubt you’ll be keen to get your hands on new material from some of your favourite authors.
From contemporary romance to the comets of polyamory, from erotica to a touch of science fiction, there’s something in here for almost all tastes.

After attending Robyn and Brey Willows’ writing retreat, I was thrilled to be invited to offer a submission for this anthology and even happier when it was accepted.

Bees is a short story about a singer quietly seeking a special connection in a world where her fame is the first thing people see, and genuine affection is hard to come by.

Lesfic Eclectic will be available from Robyn Nyx’s website, but you can get it right here (all versions) right now too. The PDF version is just below too:


Cider: My work in progress

I’m currently working on Cider, a novel I’ve had in my head for a while now. It deals with power and the relationship between corporate investors and small, family-owned businesses. I’m planning to have it ready to submit to publishers in 2020.

Ella is trapped. She works for her mother but her talents are under appreciated, and no matter what she tries to do, Ella always seems to anger her mother. Their family business takes a hit when their orchard is flooded and cider production grinds to a halt just as they’ve landed a lucrative supermarket contract.

Ella’s brother, the apple of their mother’s eye, and presumed to eventually head up the business, is up to something. Ella has no idea what, but she’s concerned it might put their livelihood at risk. Beside her father, the only person Ella can trust is her mother’s efficient, and very beautiful, PA, Alex, but when Alex kisses Ella, her usually calm and ordered world is sent into complete turmoil.

When the company is threatened by a wily investor, Ella  must face her demons, find her power and her voice, before she loses not just her job and family, but her whole way of life.